Neta Amir
Neta Amir
Neta Amir

After my fashion design studies at Shenkar College of Engineering and Design, and following several years’ work in commercial clothing companies, I decided in 2005 to embark on a creative and artistic work path. My work combines the disciplines of traditional textile crafts and visual arts: painting, photography, and installation art. Using this combination of mediums and techniques, I design textile characters that don’t necessarily conform to the conventional perception of the body at the contemporary media and culture. During the last few years, my work has been exhibited in few local and international shows and has been mentioned in several international art books and magazines. In addition to my own artistic work, I conduct textile art and art workshops in various settings, such as schools, museums, environmental education centers, the Hiriya Recycling Park, Tel Aviv Municipality’s Youth Advancement Department, and more. I work in youth advancement programs as well, and I cooperate with psychologist and other therapists, who use the artistic process of textile art and doll making that I conduct as part of the therapy process. In my teaching work, I place a great emphasis on the development of each participant’s unique ideas, as well as learning and practicing traditional techniques. Most of the materials used in my work and workshops are upcycled, and ecological.

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